About A Mindful Nation

Americans have been experiencing tough times lately—economic difficulty and uncertainty, the damaging effects of fighting two wars, a fractious political climate, and more. Amidst these tough times, though, a quiet revolution has been gathering momentum. People all over the nation have been searching for and finding ways to live a more mindful life. And they are bringing the proven beneficial effects of the practices that cultivate being mindful into schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices, the military, and other vital institutions in our country. 

We are  launching a new initiative to build a mindful nation. The vision of The Mindful Nation Foundation is to spark, nurture and support the incorporation of scientifically-supported interventions into all aspects of American society as powerful vehicles for boosting health, performance, and human capacity.  The Foundation will promote collaboration and foster partnerships, inspire the mainstream and help transform both people and institutions—such as schools, hospitals, corporations, the military and the veterans.

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