We bring together inspired Americans with proven solution providers, national experts, visionary donors and charismatic leaders to create “proof of concept” programming towards developing scalable national models to reach a broader audience of mainstream Americans.

At a grassroots level, we are building a community of national ambassadors to spark, nurture and support a sustainable movement to promote scientific-based mindful living programs and activities in five pivotal segments of society: veterans, children, teachers, healthcare professionals, and leaders. Once our ambassadors, whose lives have been personally touched and are noticeably transformed, engage in their communities – their workplaces, their schools, their social circles – others cannot help but notice the transformation and become curious and eager to catch the spark and to experience this transformation for themselves.

We utilize a ‘Pay-it-Forward’ approach: as their lives have been impacted by the Mindful Nation philosophy, they in turn spread the message to the people in their lives and their communities…
offering not only a test bed but also a showcase to motivate more visionary donors and leaders to engage more deeply within their local areas and model the change they seek in their own communities.

Rooted in our faith in the human spirit and the power of collective action, our goal is to ignite a quiet revolution in the hearts and minds of the American people, a revolution that will call upon every American to:
· Remember our interdependence with each other and the larger world
· Confront and heal the trauma of wars
· Honor each other’s service and sacrifice
· Express our needs and share our strengths
· Deepen our resourcefulness and resilience, and
· Act with authenticity, intention and compassion.

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