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Every year, our knowledge from psychology, mental health, and cognitive and behavioral neuroscience about what helps people be healthy and content converges more and more with ancient wisdom traditions and contemplative practices. Alongside these advances, a movement for mindful living has grown among the nation’s media and cultural elite. However, statistics confirm that the average American still lacks the information, motivation, and support needed to ensure their basic physical and emotional health:

  • One-third of adults and twenty percent of youth ages 9-17 have a mental health disorder;
  • Mental, emotional, and behavioral heath disorders cost our society $468 billion a year and will surpass all physical diseases as the leading cause of disability world-wide by 2020;

Sadly, by the time you finish reading this, another young person will have attempted to take his or her own life. Something needs to change.

The Mindful Nation is an ambassador-led, pay-it-forward community dedicated to helping Americans embrace the skills and tools they need to enjoy happier, more fulfilled lives – and we need you!


Your support is vital to us, as a grassroots organization. Through generous contributions like yours, we’ll be able to make our vision a reality together: an America that shines as the world’s most mindful community.

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