The workplace can be an unhealthy environment for many people. Helping leaders to realize that a compassionate culture could also be good for business is one of our key tenets and thus, we focus on leaders: the heads of organizations who establish workplace cultures and oversee employees – a collection of people with needs.

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of business, it is critical for leaders to be centered and to have clarity and calmness to envision their organization’s future and execute their plans. With extreme external demands on them from shareholders and the capital markets, many leaders get misguided and tend to get more into the numbers rather than the people behind the numbers.

Many leaders also get clouded with their own personal desires and ambitions, which begin to interfere with and hijack their role as a leader, whose primary responsibility is to sustain and help their organization thrive. Unless our leaders recognize the need for clarity and calmness, and understand how vital it is to have compassion in the workplace, we cannot sustain the well-being of our employees and our workplaces.

The emphasis of our Leaders in Mind campaign is on helping the management of organizations – public, private and non-profit – to realize how much the work culture and environment can impact the overall well-being of their employees, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the bottom line.

By providing workplace programs that cater to both management and employees alike, we are able to create a calmer environment, which leads to more employee engagement. Our current plans call for offering community-wide programs to raise awareness of the benefits of this approach so that local organizations can not only send some of their people to attend them, but also be inspired to bring such programs in-house for the benefit of the entire organization.

While we are doing so much with so little, it does take the support of key partners and visionary donors in communities across the country to help scale this movement and truly realize a Mindful Nation. Please commit to supporting our programs today with your financial contribution and your energy – and be the spark that transforms our nation.

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