The Mindful Nation Manifesto

Over the course of our lives we learn to care for the things that matter most.

When something is broken, we fix it. When something needs tending to, we tend to it.

These things are true of our homes and cars and bodies, but what about our minds?

So many people are willing to surrender to the idea that the human brain goes bad.

Like passengers at a bus stop, they stand idly by, waiting for the inevitable deterioration of age and time.

We are not those people.

We believe that in a world where most people have their eyes and thoughts fixed on the bend in the road, the next big thing and the continual horizon, setting aside a few minutes a day to exist in the present can greatly improve our lives.

We believe that being mindful helps us think better and relate better. And when we can think and relate better, we become better versions of ourselves.

We believe that stress is optional; a burden we can choose to carry or decide to put down. Stress, fear and doubt will not dictate how we relate and respond to ourselves, the world around us, or the people in our lives.

We believe better brains make for better people, and better people make for a better world.

Each of us gets 24 hours each day – 1440 minutes. What we do with those minutes becomes the story of our lives. It only takes ten a day to start writing the happier story.

We give ourselves permission to do just that.

We are the
deep breathers,
the brain trainers,
the timeout takers.

We are the mindful.

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