The Mindful Nation Foundation serves as a central backbone function or, as we like to think of it, we play the role of the string in a pearl necklace. Instead of launching large-scale programs that cost a lot of money to organize and support, we work with existing programs and channel our candidates to their programs. We have many “pearls” in our nation, many of them small and some big: largely unknown groups or organizations that are addressing the issues that we want to solve in our nation… organizations like the Center for Mind Body Medicine, whose mission is to help people heal from the trauma of war. Our vision for Mindful Nation is to bring all these pearls together to make a beautiful necklace, by creating a network that brings various solution providers in front of those in need, supported by the right resources and champions to execute viable and sustainable initiatives. While the string is largely invisible, it does play a crucial role. Together, we can make a difference.

To address the needs of the five pivotal segments of society where we have focused our initial efforts – veterans, children, teachers, healthcare professionals, and leaders – we support several programs and initiatives across the nation. These programs include Wichita in Mind, Veterans in Mind, Children in Mind, Teachers in Mind, Healthcare in Mind, and Leaders in Mind.

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